Sweater Boys

When we're not making videos or snapping photos for a living, we're making true art. In the form of a calendar. Full of attractive men (yay!). Wearing ugly sweaters (da fuh?). Introducing Sweater Boys, the calendar that will either bring you joy or creep you out for 12 solid months. Learn more about the calendar and the cause at www.sweaterboys.com.

Think Happy

This was a project that formed during a time when I felt blue. I decided to interview happy people to try and find out what their secret was, and I started with my four-year-old niece. Check out what other people had to say at www.trulymadlyhappy.com. Have someone in mind that would make a good interview? Send 'em our way!

The American War

This isn't really an ongoing project. In fact it's an oldy, but one I consider a goody. It's my thesis film from college, but even now I love watching it. If you're in the mood to learn about the lasting effects of war in Vietnam and simultaneously have a laugh at my expense, watch it.